Hoa Sen De Montfort Programme

Introduction HSU-DMU Programme (DMU Vietnam)

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De Montfort Public University was founded in 1870. During its 150 years of history, De Montfort Public University has always been recognized as one of the best universities in fields of International Business, Account and Marketing across the globe.

Hoa Sen University also lays among highly-reputable universities in Vietnam, which attains various international certificates such as the 4-star QS Stars, ACBSP, AUN-QA, MOET, NEAS and FIBAA. 

All of the educating contents, documents and processes are directly transferred from De Montfort Public University (Britain). The academic staff and experts who take part in the teaching program and students’ consultancy satisfy the De Montfort University’s (Britain) international-standard requirements. The students’ diploma will be granted by De Montfort University (Britain), which owns the same formality as students studying in Britain. 

Students studying in Vietnam are provided with opportunities to not only learn the competencies that help them join the globe’s citizens, but also to thrive through cross-cultural programmes and experiences. Students are able to either take the entire programme in Vietnam or De Montfort University (Britain) while their study records in Vietnam are fully recognised.


Mr. Simon Bradbury – Vice Principal of De Montfort University (Leicester) shared a few things about the international cooperation program with Hoa Sen University. DMU, with its rich history and achievements, always wants to associate with quality education partners around the world and HSU is one of those strategic partners – a university that always puts students as the focus, and willing to share sustainable educational values with DMU.

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HSU-DMU is a British programme for Vietnamese people, oriented by applicability that nurtures talents and creates social values of finance and community.

Về Chương trình Liên kết Quốc tế HSU-DMU


HSU-DMU’s mission is to produce individuals with proper knowledge, creativity and hunger for achievements. Moreover, they will be the ones who own the abilities necessary for outstanding start-ups and self-affirmation.

Về Chương trình Liên kết Quốc tế HSU-DMU


The spirit of Liberal Education – an educational philosophy aiming at creating inner-free people who use the right of freedom with responsibility while being independent in thinking. Moreover, these people welcome self-differences and diversity, which is the nature of a new young generation with wide-open vision and ability to surpass pre-set limitations.


Signing Ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement between HSU and DMU

On August 17, 2023, at Hoa Sen University, the launching event of the Hoa Sen – De Montfort International Linkage Program took place. With a history of more than 150 years of establishment and development, De Montfort University (UK) has decided to expand its training facilities in the next country, Vietnam, and Hoa Sen University is the partner. exclusive partnership that De Montfort University chose to cooperate here.

With a journey of more than 30 years of construction and development, Hoa Sen University is recognized by prestigious international ranking organizations, 80% of majors are certified, achieving quality accreditation from prestigious organizations. leading education in Asia and the world.

  • NEAS: In 2022, HSU is the FIRST and ONLY university in Vietnam to achieve NEAS (Australian National Educational Assessment System) certification for its International Communication English Program.
  • ACBSP: Since 2015, HSU has been the FIRST university to be recognized by the US ACBSP Accreditation Council for 5 study programs that meet international educational quality standards.
  • FIBAA: From 2022, HSU will have 3 study programs that have achieved FIBAA accreditation – the Swiss non-governmental organization for quality assurance of education.
  • QS Star: QS World University Rankings is the university ranking system of Quacquarelli Symonds – UK. From 2021, HSU is honored to receive QS – STARS 4 STARS international certification at the FIRST evaluation. Of these, two criteria: Culture, Arts and Student Employment achieved 5 STARS.
  • AUN-QA: By 2022, HSU will have 8 training programs recognized to meet AUN-QA standards – the quality assurance organization of the Southeast Asian University Network.
  • MoET: Since 2020, HSU has received the Certificate of Educational Institution Quality Accreditation according to the Ministry’s new standards.

Only at Hoa Sen University, all barriers are broken. Students are given the opportunity to maximize their abilities and freely express their own personality, style and opinions in a colorful, multicultural environment. No matter who you are, what age, gender, or difference, you are respected to shine to become the best version of yourself.

The undergraduate program at HSU is designed to be practical, highly applicable and updated according to trends. Students undergo internships, regularly participate in field trips at leading domestic and foreign businesses, carry out subject projects, and are given maximum conditions for events and programs. Of these, 95% of students are employed after graduation.

Students are educated with extensive knowledge and thinking along with knowledge creation capacity, ability, and good leadership thinking in many different fields. Students own and lead projects and the University plays the role of investor through nearly 30 projects, competitions, and events. Among them, The Future Chef Contest project has set a Vietnamese record, the Gen Z – Leading Generation project has become a million-view reality TV show, and the Fashion Creation project has made a big splash in the fashion world, the I-Hotelier project with 14 seasons creates talent in the hotel and restaurant field…

At HSU, students experience “real combat” through registering to host and organize the implementation of subject projects and major projects of the school, as well as participate in more than 50 seminars and hundreds of webinars. In addition, more than 30 clubs from academic to sports, entertainment, media… along with a series of exciting volunteer activities from the Union – Association. Hoa Sen students are individuals with unique personalities, mastering themselves and breaking through all limits.