Innovations in Teaching and Learning English teaching methods at tertiary level, how?

Minh Phong

December 17, 2022 15:34 (GMT+7) GD&ĐT – Workshop “ Innovations in Teaching and Learning English teaching methods at tertiary levelA response to social needs” took place on December 17 in Ha Noi,

Overview of the national conference

Speaking at the opening, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Bao Duong – Deputy Director of the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture said: “The conference received 50 scientific research papers. There are 26 articles selected for publication in the conference proceedings.”

The conference attracted more than 70 delegates from 15 universities, colleges, high schools and English centers nationwide.

The main purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for students, lecturers and researchers on new ideas in teaching and learning English. At the same time, they shared the fields of Applied Linguistics, teaching methods, and testing and assessing English.

Experts, scientists, lecturers and students attended the conference.

Currently, Vietnam Academy of Agriculture has 55 undergraduate majors, 22 master’s degrees, and 18 doctoral programs. The Academy has 5 advanced and high-quality programs taught in English. In particular, the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Languages ​​is tasked of training students for English Language majors, Technology Pedagogy and Tourism program. Instructors will teach basic English and specialized English courses for all other programs in the Academy.

Talking about active teaching method, Dr. Pham Lan Anh – Hanoi Metropolitan University emphasized that this is a teaching method that attracts the attention and full participation of students when learning. It is learning by “doing”, not through traditional lectures. With active learning as a student-centered teaching strategy, they can think independently, actively participate creatively and learn effectively.

Reporters at the conference.

According to Dr. Pham Lan Anh, lecturers use active learning strategies and choose activities that can stimulate students’ initiative. In that spirit, students will be more engaged and truly experience in learning English language with excitement.

As a result, lecturers can achieve their English curriculum goals and students become more cooperative, productive and creative in English activities. In the process of improving English language competence, students can still get professional experiences and see the importance of English in future career development.

Dr. Nguyen Tat Thang – Dean of Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Languages ​​(Vietnam Academy of Agriculture) spoke at the conference.

Referring to English writing skills, Dr. Nguyen Thi Viet Nga – lecturer at the Academy of Journalism and Communication said that the lecturer is the one who actively guides and encourages students to learn.

Students must experience, try and make mistakes for the sake of learning. Therefore, lecturers need to consider it normal for students to make mistakes when writing English. It is also the process of students’ experience with the language.

Dr. Nguyen Tat Thang – Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Foreign Language (Vietnam Academy of Agriculture) emphasized that the report at the conference mentioned different fields in research, teaching and learning English such as: Teaching methods using functional language, Some principles of active teaching and learning in the context of foreign language teaching at university level, A number of information technology applications support online teaching of English, Enhancing the motivation to practice writing skills of non-English major students by learning through experience…

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