Message from the Dean

The 21st century has witnessed many remarkable changes in the application of scientific and technological advances to daily life. The world is gradually moving from the application of information technology to the age of artificial intelligence, using the value created from the huge amount of information in a smarter, more creative and faster way. In addition, we also witness huge challenges on a global scale such as food security, climate change. More than ever, the world needs well-trained young scientists and technicians with the necessary skills to respond to and embrace the continuing changes in knowledge and society on a global scale.

Many years ago, I chose to become an engineer and developed a career as an applied engineering scientist. I have the good fortune to participate in the development and witness the shift of scientific and technical progress from industry 3.0 to 4.0 today. Like you today, I brought a great desire of youth, chose the best learning environment for the first time, brought with me a spirit of constant learning, and most importantly, a spirit of transcendence. I do it to achieve my goals in life.

Welcome to the Faculty of Information Technology, where you will find a dynamic and creative learning environment. Here, we will work with you to develop the necessary knowledge and skills, helping you to stand in the ranks of young technical scientists, important members in the development of today’s society and future. Find out more about Information Technology, Software Engineering, Communications and Computer Networking, Management Information Systems, and Artificial Intelligence on this website. You can contact our admissions department for specific advice. See you soon at Hoa Sen University.

Dr. Le Dinh Phong – Dean of Faculty

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