What will you gain and lose when becoming a Hoa Sen student?

“Gain what and lost what??? This is a common question and concern of those who are about to become new students and even a Hoa Sen student.

Me too! That question kept lingering in my mind – a student who had just graduated from a supplementary high school – ever since I received the admission notice at Hoa Sen University. That day, I only knew about Hoa Sen through PR words, advertisements and was impressed by the articles: “”learned and got a job”, “out of pocket”…

And when I actually became a Hoa Sen student…

LOST: One thing I can’t deny is the tuition fee, then there are “hard to hear” words like: “school for the rich”, “spend money to buy a university degree”….


All my thoughts began to take shape when I entered the first weeks of Computer Engineering: “They don’t lie”. I learned specialized knowledge from the very first subjects while my friends went to other schools, sometimes at the end of the first year they just started studying those subjects.

In my 2nd and 3rd years, I received more than knowledge. In addition to specialized knowledge, the teachers also imparted to me their experiences and practical work experience. They taught me how to self-study, self-study, problem-solving and the most basic soft skills.

In the final semester of my internship, I began to list the things that I have acquired during the past year:

– Specialized knowledge – actually quite a lot, it ranges from my non-specialized areas such as embedded systems, security to knowledge of System, Microsoft Server, Linux Server and the most core knowledge -Network .

– Soft skills: Each semester, study 5, 6 subjects, each subject gives 2-3 presentations. Your skills in teamwork, public speaking, and communication skills are not developed.

– English: During the past 4 years, except studying at English Zone, I did not study in any other centers, but communicating and searching for documents in English with me “no problem”. The way of teaching and learning at English Zone is really good, it more or less helps me to regain my English knowledge and complete the course (because the school teaches according to English standards, that is, the textbooks, documents, even lessons). midterm and final exams are all in English).

After considering those things, I started to “put up my CV and apply for a job”, because my purpose was to shorten the time I had to practice and work at the same time.

In order to work at my current position, I have to go through 3 rounds of interviews: an interview about English ability, an interview from the human resources department and finally a specialized interview.

Through the interviews, the specialized questions they asked, it was actually scattered all the things that I learned, and then I realized that “the specialized knowledge taught is not superfluous. , it is guaranteed to fit exactly what the business needs, and I’m sure that if I didn’t “drop out” of some classes when I was in school, the professional questions I’d be sure to answer would be blatant.

Those are the things that I have experienced, the things I have encountered, and these are only a small part of being a Hoa Sen student, and I am sure there are other students who have had better experiences. me too. And so are you – the people reading this article!” (Nguyen Doan Thien Dinh – VT1011 – Communication & Computer Network)

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