Hoa Sen University is a globally connected institution that affirms its commitment to providing equal educational opportunities for its students. The University has over 100 formal partnerships with universities and organizations around the globe. International relations activities at Hoa Sen University are a campus-wide initiative to bring the world to Hoa Sen via student exchange programs, faculty exchange programs, overseas internships, availability of courses offered in English, and joint degree programs. The initiative has taken root on different academic and support units including the Department of International Relations, the Department of Student Services, the Academic Registrar Office, etc.

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The Hoa Sen student exchange programs allow for students to broaden their knowledge of the world, and to learn new skills when being in a foreign country or working with foreign students. International students from France, Belgium, and other parts of the world contribute significantly to the teaching and learning at Hoa Sen.

International Academic Program

Hoa Sen University works with different institutions around the world to create international academic opportunities for students who cannot go abroad.

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