Faculty of Languages and Cultural Studies

Founded in the academic year of 2007-2008, Faculty of Languages & Cultural Studies of Hoa Sen University has increasingly developed, and now it has some 2,000 students. This Faculty has 4 branches of learning: Tourism-Hotel Management, Tourism and Travels Management, Restaurant and Food Service Management. The English Language Branch has 4 specialities: Business English, English Translation, English Teaching Method, and Business Communication. In addition, the Faculty has French classes, Japanese classes, Chinese classes, Vietnamese Communication classes,  English and American Culture classes, the Vietnamese Language and Culture classes for foreign students (according to the program of cooperation and student exchange with some universities in the world) …

Through the teaching staff consisting of the lecturers who graduated from great universities, domestic and foreign, and have had a lot of teaching experience, and have always applied new approaches, new educational concepts, and up-to-date teaching literature, the training programs of Faculty of Languages & Cultural Studies will provide the graduate students with broad professional knowledge, good skills in profession, and proper behavior in society.
For more information, please access: Website of Faculty of Languages & Cultural Studies
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